Never just a number


We’re all about people here, so we treat every one of our candidates like a human, not a number. Forget agents you can’t call and roles you’re not right for – this is fashion recruitment done differently. Done right.

Making it personal
Whether you answer an ad or send us your CV, we’ll call you for a chat so we can find out what really makes you tick.

Simple sign-up
If you’re the right fit for our contact list, we’ll register you online, keep you in mind, and do whatever we can to find your dream role.

Helping hand
We help with everything, from targeting your research and updating your CV to advising about application projects.

We’ll get you ready and confident for interview, supporting you with info on the role as well as the company culture you’ll need to fit into.

No risk or fee
There’s no charge, catch or pressure when you register with us. As far as we’re concerned, we’re here to help each other.

Partners for life
We’ve got candidates we’ve worked with for many years, helping them rise through the ranks as they build their career.

No loose ends
We’ll finalise any terms, conditions and salaries – one less thing for you to manage.