Service level agreement - candidates

Our mission is to assist you, our candidate, to secure the best next step in your career. By working in partnership, with open and honest two-way communication we can provide you with the best possible service.


Active Apparel Recruitment agrees to:

  • Achieve understanding of your background and career objectives
  • Give open and honest advice on how best to progress your career
  • Brief you as thoroughly as possible regarding the vacancy applied for, along with the expected recruitment process of the prospective employer
  • Deliver regular updates and support throughout the application and interview process
  • Manage all of the offer stage, advising and negotiating as necessary
  • Act with the utmost confidentiality
  • Act in your best interests


You, our candidate, agrees to:

  • Provide a thorough briefing of your career history, skills and experience and desired goals and objectives going forward, and a true accurate CV
  • Provide information on current and desired salary / benefits / etc
  • Advise on your job search to date, any applications in progress and companies applied to directly
  • Communicate any changes in requirements or circumstances as quickly as possible
  • Ensure you are happy to progress your application after learning as much about the role and company as possible
  • Communicate any concerns as soon as possible
  • Consult Active Apparel Recruitment in relation to all candidate offers